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Winter Playground Ideas

3 Fun Winter Playground Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained

Active kids are happy kids. There is no denying the benefits of moving and playing for children during their development. It helps them grow strong, healthy bodies, it’s good for their cardiovascular system, and it even supports their immune system. On top of that, it also helps to stimulate their imagination and channels their energy – and it gives us as parents a moment to rest. During summer, this is usually not a problem, but how do you motivate your kids to play and get some fresh air during the colder months? We look at some fun winter playground ideas to help you create an outdoor wonderland for your kids.


1. Super-fun slides

Now, we may not have the snowy white winter wonderland here in South Africa as one always sees on TV. But we do have beautiful and sunny winter days that make it possible for kids to spend an entire afternoon outside on the playground, living their best life. And, we have some great ideas. Recreate the fun of snow sleighs with a selection of awesome slides, big and small, to keep kids busy for hours!

kids slide
Include a fun kids slide in your playground for maximum fun.

2. Fairytale castle jungle gyms

Kids have the most incredible imaginations. Why not help it along? One of the most popular playground ideas is to provide them with their own winter wonderland castle. A wonderful jungle gym with different levels, slides, ladders, swings and more can transform any kid into an Elsa or Kristoff for days. The fun never ends.

jungle gym
Fairytale Castle Jungle Gyms are bursting with colour and magic.

3. Jolly swing seats

Worried about a lack of space? Then get a sturdy swing seat that can fit into a small garden, or even a porch. A porch swing seat is great even for rainy days. What’s more, they don’t only have to be for the kids. Imagine gently swinging while enjoying the view from your porch with your morning coffee in hand… Bliss.


Bonus: For the whole family

Winter playground ideas don’t only have to cater to the kids. Unique Timber Plastics can assist with all of the above, as well as a whole range of outdoor furniture, including benches, picnic sets, patio sets, and other garden and recreational furniture, creating a wonderland for the entire family to spend quality time together outdoors.

Toddler Royal Bench
Toddler Royal Bench
Toddler 6 Seater A-Frame Picnic Set
Toddler 6 Seater A-Frame Picnic Set
Playground Play Car 2-6 years
Playground Play Car 2-6 years

Unique Timber Plastics are locally made from 100% recycled plastic for guaranteed strength and quality. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, our outdoor and garden products are impervious to insects, won’t rot, splinter or rust like wood or steel, and don’t need any water sealing or maintenance. To find out more about the wonderful winter playground ideas we have and how we can help you bring these to life, contact us today.




Easter Campaign

Spending the Easter Weekend at Home? Here’s How to Make It Count

When the Easter weekend came around last year, the first lockdown was freshly introduced to combat the impact of the global coronavirus pandemic hitting local shores. Little did we know that it would also be affecting our Easter plans a full year down the line.

Traditionally, Easter is the ideal time to get everyone together and plan a mid-year getaway over this extra-long weekend. This year, however, many of us will rather be staying home. We still have to be responsible to stay healthy and to balance our budgets after a challenging year.

That said, staying home doesn’t have to be boring or a downer. Aside from getting all-important rest, it’s also an opportunity for something new. There are many things you can get up to – and with a little help from Unique Timber Plastics, you can make some lasting changes that will make you want to spend more time at home than ever before.


Transform your world

If you’re going to stay home, you might as well make it a place where you love to be. No matter what floats your boat, we have the perfect products to turn your home into a wonderland in next to no time.

  • Get social

What’s better than an outdoor picnic with friends and family? Get the perfect picnic table for your lawn or porch, or go all out and get the poles and planks to build your own patio!

  • Chill out

Our range of recreational furniture – from pool loungers to cocktail tables – will make you never want to leave your home again.

  • For the kids

Keep the little ones entertained for hours with a fantastic jungle gym – it’ll have all the kids in the neighbourhood green with envy.

  • Landscaping

Redesign your outdoor space with a variety of planters, stairs, decks, bridges and fencing. If you can imagine it, we can build it!


Happiness that lasts

Our plastic wood planks, poles and products are made from 100% recycled plastic for guaranteed strength and quality. Not only is this brilliant for the environment, but it also guarantees quality like no other. All products are maintenance-free with a lifespan of more than 60 years. That’s right… no more sanding, sealing and painting needed every couple of years to keep your outdoor area looking great. It’s all the fun and enjoyment with none of the effort!


So, use the extra time on your hands this Easter, and invest in your space. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the returns for years and years to come.

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