5 Outdoor Furniture Myths Debunked

5 Outdoor Furniture Myths Debunked

Covering up your patio furniture to protect it from the elements feels like the right thing to do. You paid an arm and a leg for it;  you can’t just let it stand there and wither away as you excitedly wait for the weekend to utilize it, or can you?

Here are 5 myths about outdoor furniture, debunked:

1.    Outdoor furniture can’t stand outside

To be clear, a cheap set of outdoor furniture won’t stand up to the elements, and you’ll soon find yourself looking for a replacement. Outdoor furniture can’t exactly be labelled as such it can’t stay outdoor (sunshine or rain)! Pay attention to the materials used to build the furniture, look at the joints and legs, make sure that sturdy, weather-resistant components are used. Ideal materials would be Treated Wood, Stainless or Treated steel and Timber Plastic.

2.    Outdoor furniture needs a lot of maintenance

This statement might hold true for steel and wood, which need protection from the elements after their protective layers have worn away. Some plastic options can go several lifetimes without ever needing any form of maintenance (Maybe just a good clean from time to time).

3.    Patio Furniture is Expensive

This myth depends on what “expensive” means to you. If buying top quality at a slightly higher price for peace of mind and a lifetime guarantee doesn’t sound like an investment, you might consider good patio furniture expensive. Personally, buying and replacing cheap patio sets every year sounds far more costly and troublesome.

4.    Don’t buy Big

When buying high-quality patio furniture that could last you a lifetime, why wouldn’t you think about the future? Think about events you might be hosting, the family that could expand, etc. If space is an issue, look for modular patio sets that are easy to DYI into something bigger.

5.    Steel is the best material for outdoor furniture

It might have been true a few decades ago. The development of timber plastic has challenged the notion that steel is the no. 1 material for outdoor furniture. Timber plastic doesn’t need any maintenance or paint and can’t be affected by the elements. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s made from 100% recycled plastic. Meaning that you can feel good using this type of plastic.


Don’t fall for the sales gimmicks of most patio sets for sale these days. It may often have a luxury appearance at the expense of quality. Keep your future needs in mind, and see the purchase as an investment.