We all come to this time of the year and start wondering what will be the ideal gift for our loved ones. They might have dropped something that they would really like during the year, but during this Festive Season it’s as if our minds took an early Christmas… we just can’t remember!

Don’t panic! We’re sure that one of our products would be the ideal Christmas gift! We have a wide variety of 100% recycled plastic products and the better part of it, it’s 100% maintenance free!

For our dear husbands, the ideal gift would probably be one of our picnic or patio sets. We know how fathers prefer the whole family present when braaiing and spending days of laughter and quality company. Tip: these sets can be decorated with your favourite Christmas décor, adding a bit extra to the gift itself.

Our wives or special ladies will definitely adore our deck chairs or loungers because we know how important the sun within your beauty routine is. The perfect way to gain some Vitamin E and to work on that adorable tan, while enjoying a bit of reading (or a lot as we all stack up books to read during the year, but never get to it!).   If your lady or wife is not a reader as such, the alternative, complimentary gift is a delicious cocktail made with love!

And now for the children… which seems to be a difficult choice, because they literally want everything they see! We have also experienced how bored children get after playing with their new toys for 10 minutes. It’s not worth the money you spend on those toys.

Based on previous experience, we know that children need to play outside and develop their own sense for creativity. In this case, the perfect gift for Christmas is either a colourful jungle gym or playground cars with steering wheels. To help you with creating much more excitement during this Christmas, use the playground car and decorate it to look like an actual slay! Dress their grandfather in a Santa suit and have him distribute their presents from the slay (this idea could add to those perfect family photos).

If you include all the suggestions above or other recycled plastic products, we’ll assure you of making the best choice in Christmas gifts. Our products offer various benefits and they’ll last a lifetime.

If you’re struggling, please contact us for more ideas, product- and price lists. We hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. Don’t forget about yourself – nothing wrong in purchasing your own Christmas present.

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