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Black 6 Seater
Balcony Picnic Set

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Royal Bench

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Standard Picnic Set

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Only 100% Plastic for Guaranteed Strength

Manufactured at our factory in Johannesburg, our plastic wood planks and poles are made from only 100% recycled plastic for guaranteed strength and quality. We melt, mould and shape plastic to manufacture timber plastic planks, poles and other structural forms from which we then build furniture.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime, our outdoor and garden products is impervious to insects, won’t rot, splinter or rust like wood or steel and don’t need any water sealing or maintenance.


Buy Directly from our Factory

We supply in bulk to game parks and lodges, ranches, schools, retail outlets, residential estates, shopping malls, industrial sites and office complexes. Our product is original and comes in a variety of colours. Unique Timber Plastics products offer the best alternative to wood and steel. Clients can conveniently buy directly from our factory and we offer delivery

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For help or more information contact our offices on 011 626 2487 or email us at