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How recycled plastic contributes to the Earth’s wealth


Why is reducing, reusing, and recycling so important? Plastic products, for example, can take some thousands of years to degrade. Here at Unique Timber Plastics we take pride that our products help to better the world we live in. An article from National Geographic states that 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year!

Every year! Whether you’re surrounded by land in the middle of the country, or you can see the waves from your window, what you buy — and how you dispose of ithas an impact on our planet’s health.

Plastic (Check for the P codes on the bottles)

PET-1 PE-HD-2 PE-LD-4 PP-5 PS-6
Water Bottles Most Detergents Thin Plastic Bags e.g.: Sliced bread Ice Cream Tubs Foamed Meat Trays
Soft Drinks Shampoo Milk bags Yogurt Fast Food Clamshells
Cooking Oils Milk Six Pack Shrink Wraps for Beer Margarine  
Dishwashing Liquid Thin Plastic Bags Magazine Wrappers Feta  
Juice   Bulk Toilet Roll Wrappers Ready-Made Meal Trays  
Hard Plastic Fruit Trays   Fruit and Vegetable Bags Fruit Trays  
    Bubble Wrap    
    Thick Shopping Bags    

Plastics that CAN’T be recycled


  • Coat hangers

Complex Laminates:

  • Pet food pouches
  • Soup pouches
  • Bacon vacuum packs.

The only way to decrease plastic production is by increasing the amounts of plastic recycled. Without recycling, this "wasted" plastic can’t be reworked and reused. You can help to save the environment by keeping wasted plastics out of the landfills, air, and oceans as well as cutting down on natural resource use to make new plastics.

We want to encourage you to think differently when disposing of a plastic product. Think that one decision could mean the difference between helping the earth or hurting the earth. The choice is all yours.

If you want to ensure you live an eco-friendly lifestyle, we encourage you to have a look through our end products that make use of 100% recycled plastic!

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