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Jungle Gyms

Great idea for your kids’ outdoor fun. A jungle gym will help your child exercise and build muscle. It also helps with the development of their brains. When playing, children will use and exercise their motor and sensory skills and also practice their balance.

Our Jungle Gyms are completely

Our jungle gyms are suitable for children of all ages. 

Contact us for design and pricing options. or 011 626 2487

Durable Timber Plastic

100% Recycled Plastic

No wood or alternative products added to our plastic planks and poles

No Comprimise

Guaranteed strength and durability with very low to no maintenance

Plastic Waste Recycling

Green plastic wood timber products won’t pollute the environment 


Kind to the Environment

Our “GREEN” products are environmentally friendly, and no trees or wood are used when making plastic wood timber, only 100% plastic. Our plastic will not contaminate the soil or groundwater. By purchasing our products, you contribute to a cleaner environment with less plastic waste pollution.