Okay, let’s get real here. We live in 2017. These days we basically live two lives. One real life and one online life. Children are influenced by our daily behaviours. Due to the lack of getting outside of four walls, our children are being disadvantaged!

The modern world of electronics, “social” media, and computer tech has made it challenging for children to develop natural social skills. The decline of playgrounds has been linked to behavioural problems, ADHD, and to “stunted” cognitive, social, and creative development.

Now, what is better in your opinion? Posting that Instagram selfie or spending quality time with your young ones?

Nature is something that children may experience less and less as electronics take over playtime. Playgrounds can promote a sense of curiosity. At the very least, this can help kids to develop the appreciation of nature. Children absorb knowledge through risk-taking, exploring, and the consequences of their choices. Playgrounds provide a nearly fail-proof location for this important part of development.

Playground equipment is not only there to be used by schools either. Community hangouts should consider including playground equipment like ours.

Playgrounds are more than just areas where children can be kept busy or “go run around outside” for a while. They are a major part of development and are vital to the community. If your school or hometown is contemplating whether to improve or build a playground, here is your safest bet.

Here at Unique Timber Plastics, we have a wide variety of playground equipment that is colourful and safe. Our products are 100% maintenance freewaterproof and you don’t have to worry about insects and rot. We’ve got you covered! Our products are made from recycled waste which contributes to keeping our environment clean. Moulded into bright and colourful timber planks that are strong and have a lifespan of over 60 years.

How could one go wrong with investing in our playground equipment?

Let’s get the ball rolling – (011) 626-2487 | admin@timberplastics.co.za

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