On a bright afternoon, employees may be itching to go outside and trade the florescent lights of the office for the sun’s natural rays. Research not only shows that breaks are beneficial to helping them stay focused and retain more information but taking breaks outside have been proven to be even more rewarding.

What’s more, incorporating elements of nature into your employees’ workday can also give their brains a boost, resulting in increased productivity, focus, and creativity. These benefits extend beyond the outdoors – once employees are back at our desks after spending time in nature, they will continue to be more productive.

Using nature in and outside the workplace could prove to benefit the employees and organization. It can be as simple as including natural lighting and window views into building design, adding plants and encouraging employees to get outside for outdoor contact.

Outdoor break areas with some of Unique Timber Plastics outdoor furniture will do the trick. Tables and chairs, benches or picnic sets can be set up for “nature breaks,” lunch breaks, outdoor workspaces or even meetings. Landscaping, potted plants and trees can make these outdoor workspaces even more inviting.

Various options are available in picking the perfect Unique Timber Plastic product for a healthy work environment that incorporates nature.

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