I’m lazy; I’ve had a hard week; I don’t feel like it… Get rid of these excuses and purchase yourself a maintenance-free, waterproof, insect and rot resistant deck chair or lounger that will motivate you to get outside.

With winter in the past and spring in all its glory, it’s time to get rid of those pasty legs! It’s just what anyone needs who enjoys lounging in the sun and soak up some vitamin D on a sweltering day. Or reading a book and listening to the chirps of the birds around them. Get away from the TV and spend your time outdoors, comfortably. It’s your time to relish the moment and relax with Unique Timber Plastics. We want to be the reason you enjoy going outside.

The benefits of getting outside:

  • It’s better for your eyes.
  • It will help you sleep.
  • Improve your attention/memory.
  • You’ll have more energy.
  • You’ll feel happier.

If you already are the outdoorsy type, we suggest getting friends and family to join in! The benefits of getting out of the house are so worth it! Reduce your stress levels, take a deep breath, gather everyone around your picnic or patio set and enjoy a Sunday lunch the right way.

The best part about our product is you’ll be relaxing and at the same time saving the environment. Currently, we recycle the equivalent of 37 800 000 plastic bags per month or 2 268 000 2-litre soft drink bottles – but this is rapidly increasing as we have upgraded our plant and installed modern technology to increase our output tremendously – to the benefit of our customers.

Why are you hesitating? We’re waiting to get started!

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