Jungle Gyms Have a Major Part in Children’s Development


Okay, let’s get real here. We live in 2017. These days we basically live two lives. One real life and one online life. Children are influenced by our daily behaviours. Due to the lack of getting outside of four walls, our children are being disadvantaged!

The modern world of electronics, "social" media, and computer tech has made it challenging for children to develop natural social skills. The decline of playgrounds has been linked to behavioural problems, ADHD, and to "stunted" cognitive, social, and creative development.

Now, what is better in your opinion? Posting that Instagram selfie or spending quality time with your young ones?

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Maintenance Draining Your Wallet?


Being part of a resort, restaurant, nursery, coffee shop or your own backyard, maintenance can be really intimidating. If you’re not familiar with how to go about in maintaining anything, the first thing you naturally do is Google or YouTube possible ways to do it.

But what we see on the search engines might differ (as everyone has their own ways of doing things) and confusion seems to get the better part of us. Then, the only solutions left are to either leave it or replace the items with new ones.

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Become Outdoorsy with Unique Timber Plastics


I'm lazy; I’ve had a hard week; I don’t feel like it… Get rid of these excuses and purchase yourself a maintenance-free, waterproof, insect and rot resistant deck chair or lounger that will motivate you to get outside.

With winter in the past and spring in all its glory, it’s time to get rid of those pasty legs! It’s just what anyone needs who enjoys lounging in the sun and soak up some vitamin D on a sweltering day. Or reading a book and listening to the chirps of the birds around them. Get away from the TV and spend your time outdoors, comfortably. It's your time to relish the moment and relax with Unique Timber Plastics. We want to be the reason you enjoy going outside.

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