Okay, just hold on, stupid splinter!


The anxiety starts. You hear a child crying in the background. In fact, not crying but shouting and screaming. You drop whatever you’re doing to run outside. As you get closer the crying gets louder. What could possibly be wrong? Are you okay, you ask? What’s wrong? And no words were spoken, but a toe pointed at. The dreaded culprit of all the tears - a splinter!

Avoid these mini-disasters and replace your old high-maintenance wooden jungle gym with Unique Timber Plasticsrecycled plastic jungle gyms.

We convert plastic waste into beautiful, colourful, “GREEN” jungle gyms, that lasts a lifetime.

Advantages of our jungle gyms are:

  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • Waterproof
  • Insect and rot resistant.
  • Splinter free & will not break.
  • Green product.
  • Will not pollute the soil or any ground water.
  • 100% Modular.
  • Lasts a life time.
  • Non-slip

We all know the feeling of something happening that we had a feeling was going to happen.  That’s why you can avoid all those circumstances by purchasing your very own timber plastic jungle gym.  Jungle gyms keep the kids active and busy and what could possibly keep your mind more at peace than that jungle gym being of superior quality and extremely safe in comparison to others.

Our jungle gyms are all manufactured to playground equipment requirements as stipulated in SANS codes 51176, 1 to 11. These include safety requirements, testing methods, guidance on installation, inspection and operation.

We have 15 jungle gym layouts to choose from – you also have an option of adding or changing components. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a jungle gym brochure.

We also offer additional end-products that can be used as playground equipment, such as:

  • Picnic benches/sets,
  • Benches,
  • Dustbins,
  • Kiddies Furniture,
  • Pavilions,
  • Fences etc

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Become Outdoorsy with Unique Timber Plastics
Only R 2 999,00 for 6-Seater Picnic Set

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